Architecture Practices


Enterprise Architects need to be able to work broadly across many areas of the business. Possessing an understanding of business vision and objectives and then applying technical solutions to achieve success is key to delivering value to an organization.

An important part of Enterprise Architecture is systems integration – making the various parts of the enterprise talk to each other through the sharing of data and extending workflows. This allows the organization to realize many benefits particularly improved experiences for the users of the integrated systems.

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Your ability to focus on the patterns of application integration will be key in this context and this site provides guidance on those patterns and gives you examples of where and how to apply them.

The Enterprise Architecture section covers the patterns and practices for Enterprise Architects.


Application Architects are required to be knowledgeable with many technologies, platforms, and design principles in order to successfully deliver secure, scalable, performant applications that meet the demands of today’s modern businesses.

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Your daily focus will often be on designing rich user applications for web and mobile users, APIs to serve those applications, backend services to handle data processing and business workflows, and databases or other stores of information. Each of these brings unique challenges and requires a degree of specialization that have to be mastered.

Working as an application architect will be challenging. While it is common for application developers to be “full stack” working across the various layers of the application including UI, API, messaging, and database, it is more common for application developers to become specialists in UI or backend development. Like full-stack developers, application architects must be fluent across the myriad technologies and most importantly be knowledgeable of the design patterns applicable to each.

The Application Architecture section covers the patterns and practices for Application Architects.